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Found 16 positions.

Job title Category
Research Fellow (974318EH)Education, Research & Enterprise
Research Fellow (972718EH)Education, Research & Enterprise
PhD studentship: 3D Printed Integrated Optics (971518EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentsship: Quantum Technologies: Integrated optical waveguides for ion trap quantum computing (971618EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Integrated Optical Elements for Miniaturised Atom Traps (971718EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Nonlinear conversion for single photon detection (971818EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Optical Quantum Circuitry (971918EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Scalable heralded single-photon sources (972018EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Ultra-precision physical micro-machining of planar optical materials (972118EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer (969618EH)Technical & Experimental
Research Fellow (967118EH)Education, Research & Enterprise
Research Fellow (966618EH)Education, Research & Enterprise
Magneto-optic Phenomena in Dielectric Metamaterials (956318EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Ultra-low loss optical switches for Ion trap entanglement (952417EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD studentship: Flexible Raman biosensing platform for low-cost health diagnostics (948017EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Bismuth doped optical fibres: fabrication and development of ultra-broadband fibre amplifiers and short pulse fibre lasers. (944017EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)

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