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PhD projects at the ORC with guaranteed funding

Found 32 positions.

Job title Category
Research Fellow in Embedded/IC Designer for Oxide Electronic Technologies (1027218PN-R)Education, Research & Enterprise
Research Fellow (1122819PN)Education, Research & Enterprise
PhD Studentship - Development of power-scalable and wavelength-flexible fibre lasers in the two-micron wavelength band to serve the needs of emerging applications in medicine and materials processing (1121319PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Investigation of techniques for nonlinear frequency conversion of high power fibre lasers to the visible wavelength band (1121419PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Fibre laser based mid infrared source development (1121719PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Development of novel fibre laser sources based on multicore fibre technology (1121819PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Wide-band optical fibre amplifiers for the next generation of internet (1117219PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: New Optical Components and Optical Amplifiers Development for Future High Speed Internet (1117319PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studetnship: High-Power Laser Delivery in Hollow Core Fibres (1117419PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Next-generation femtosecond fibre-laser CPA sources and their applications (1117519PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD studentship: Advanced ultra-short pulse two-micron fibre lasers (1115619PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Planar photonics for ion-based quantum information processing (1107019PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Ultra-precision machining for ion trap quantum computing (1106719PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Laser-engineered silicon photonic devices (1104819PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Semiconductor devices for nonlinear photonics and applications (1105019PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Fiber Integrated 2D-materials (1105119A3)PhD Studentship (Funded)
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow ITN (1104419PN)Education, Research & Enterprise
PhD Studentship: Hollow Core Fibres for Mid-infrared Gas Sensing, Quantum Optics & Metrology (1098919PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: High Sensitivity, Multispecies Gas Sensing in Hollow Core Fibres (1099019PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Ultra-stable fibre optics using new-generation optical fibres (1090318PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Hollow Core Fibres in emerging applications (1090418PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: High speed mid-infrared photodetectors (1090518PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Photonics-assisted generation of ultrapure high-bandwidth signals (1090618PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD studentship: Mid-IR hollow core fibres and their applications (1087818PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Advanced Electromagnetics and Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Optical Fibres (1087918PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Advanced Hollow Core Fibre Fabrication (1088018PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Understanding Loss Mechanisms in Hollow Optical Fibers (1088118PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Integrated Optical Elements for Miniaturised Atom Traps (1088218PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD studentship: Scalable heralded single-photon sources (1088318PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Nonlinear conversion for single photon detection (1088418PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Ultra-precision physical micro-machining of planar optical materials (1088518PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Light-Matter Interactions (1071718PN)PhD Studentship (Funded)

We also have a full list of all projects broken down by research theme, then by group, that you can look through. Contact the Supervisor for more details or email

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