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Silica Fibre Facilities

The Silica Fibre Facilities

The silica fibre facility occupies over 160m2 of class 10,000 cleanroom space and comprises state-of-the-art fabrication equipment complemented by cutting-edge process advances. The facility includes a modified-chemical-vapour-deposition (MCVD) lathe, outside-vapour-deposition (OVD) equipment, a six metre high dual-sided fibre drawing tower and dedicated chemical preparation areas for glass etching and machining. The facility is capable of producing industry standard passive and active preforms and fibres, and a wide variety of specialist fibres with complex structures, enabling research into high-power fibre lasers and advanced telecommunications and sensing devices. Complete post-processing and characterisation of silica fibre includes preform and fibre index profilers, fibre proof-testing and high-resolution optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR).


  • Capability to produce a wide range of fibre types including ribbon, spun, bundle and microstructure fibres, as well as fibre dimensions in the 50 – 1500 micron range.
  • Fibre drawing tower novel features include preform spinning and various thermal and UV-cured polymer coatings.
  • OVD technology, well-established in telecommunications fibre fabrication, now being explored for fabricating a wide range of rare-earth doped glasses at large volume.
  • Using MCVD in-situ Solution Doping and Chemical-in-crucible techniques to create next-generation rare-earth doped fibre for high power lasers. 

Facility contact

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University of Southampton staff can find out how to access the facilities by visiting the Zepler Institute Sharepoint.


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