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Flame Hydrolysis Deposition

Flame Hydrolosis Deposition

The flame hydrolysis deposition tool (FHD) is a state-of-the-art system for the growth of silica to form waveguide structures for integrated photonic circuits. The system allows the precise doping of germanium, phosphorous and boron within the silica films and is particularly optimised for the growth of films with high photosensitivity for direct UV laser writing of advanced photonic circuits. The tool can grow films ranging from 2 to 50 microns in thickness. The system is designed to deposit onto 150mm silicon wafers (other substrates can also be used) and has a high throughput of up to 30 wafers per day.


Has provided the optical platform for:

  • Optical Boson sampling for quantum information processing
  • Optical circuits for next generation telescopes
  • Biosensors for CBRN detection

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