The University of Southampton

Postgraduate study at the University of Southampton will enable you to push the boundaries of knowledge in your chosen field and make a real contribution to your subject.

We will provide you with an extensive support network, both during and after your time at the university. By the time you graduate you will have all the knowledge and resources you need for your next step, whether you choose a new career or further study.

The University also has an extensive network of alumni and supporters. You can visit their pages below.

I would thoroughly recommend the University of Southampton as an excellent place to study. You have access to first class facilities and it is also great for student life with a thriving social scene.
Angela Camerlingo
It was my prospective PhD supervisor at UNSW who encouraged me to take up the offer at Southampton due to its unparalleled reputation in the field. The environment and culture at the ORC was better than I could ever have hoped.
Nikita Daga
During my time at the ORC, I found a stimulating environment and the Optical Society was active and welcoming. I became student representative in my first year and secretary of the Society in my second year.
Alberto Sposito
The ORC is well known in the field as being at the forefront of research in optical fibres. Being able to study and work somewhere with such a wide range of technologies and equipment was a huge advantage in broadening my knowledge of photonics.
Andy Webb
“Yun Wang had always considered photonics as one of her hobbies. When she decided to explore the subject further, she chose an MSc in Photonic Technologies at the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC).
Yun Wang
My interests lay in design and optimisation of multimode Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers for mode-division multiplexed transmissions. Strong support from the ORC’s fabrication and characterisation teams has allowed my fibre designs to be realised in-house.
Qiongyue Kang
My time at the ORC taught me how to be a successful scientific researcher and I received opportunities to get my work published in some highly respected scientific journals.
Mohammed Al Ahbabi, Director General of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency
The ethos and culture at Southampton of research excellence was useful for focusing my mind on high standards, which became important when starting Nature Photonics and striving to publish the best research in the world.
Oliver Graydon

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