The University of Southampton

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Cryogenically-cooled lasers for manufacturing

Supervisor: Dr Jacob Mackenzie
Co-Supervisor: Professor Andy Clarkson

Cryogenically-cooled lasers will be one of the platform-architectures of the future, currently being developed in large-scale-facilities institutes across the world to push the envelope in high average powers delivering laser pulses with 10’s-100’s of Joules. The main ambition of our research is to develop small-scale “turn-key” state-of-the-art solid-state lasers in the visible and UV wavelength bands with continuous-wave or highly energetic pulses, leading to new laser parameters targeting precision manufacturing.

This project will explore the physics of this novel approach for energy- and power-scaling solid-state lasers through cryogenic-cooling of the gain media. With a goal to enable the exploitation of this laser architecture in new operating regimes that will outstrip the performance of state-of-the-art room-temperature solid-state lasers.

Due to the nature of this project there will be opportunity for both inter-disciplinary research within the university and collaboration with external partners.


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