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Optical Fibre Communications

Recent publications

L.Provost, C.Finot, P.Petropoulos, K.Mukasa, D.J.Richardson, Design scaling rules for 2R-optical self-phase modulation-based regenerators
Optics Express 2007 Vol.15 pp.5100-5113

F.Parmigiani, S.Asimakis, N.Sugimoto, F.Koizumi, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, 2R regenerator based on a 2-m-long highly nonlinear bismuth oxide fiber Optics Express 2006 Vol.14(12) pp.5038-5044

F.Parmigiani, P.Petropoulos, M.Ibsen, D.J.Richardson, All-optical pulse reshaping and retiming systems incorporating pulse shaping fiber Bragg grating, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology 2006 Vol.24(1) pp.357-364

D.J.Richardson, P.C.Teh, M.R.Mokhtar, M.A.F.Roelens, B.C.Thomsen, C.Tian, Z.Zhang, P.Petropoulos, M.Ibsen, Direct sequence OCDMA systems based on fibre grating technology, ECOC 2005 Glasgow 25-29 Sep 2005 (Invited)

C.Tian, Z.Zhang, M.Ibsen, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, A reconfigurable optical header recognition system for optical packet routing applications, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2006 Vol.18(22) pp.2395-2397

C.Tian, Z.Zhang, M.Ibsen, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, Demonstration of a 16-channel code-reconfigurable OCDMA/DWDM system
OFC 2007 Anaheim 25-29 Mar 2007 OMO2

C.Finot, L.Provost, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, Parabolic pulse generation through passive nonlinear pulse reshaping in a normally dispersive two segment fiber device Optics Express 2007 Vol.15 pp.852-864

F.Parmigiani, P.Petropoulos, M.Ibsen, D.J.Richardson, Pulse retiming based on XPM using parabolic pulses formed in a fiber Bragg grating, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2006 Vol.18(7) pp.829-831

F.Parmigiani, C.Finot, K.Mukasa, M.Ibsen, M.A.F.Roelens, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, Ultra-flat SPM-broadened spectra in a highly nonlinear fiber using parabolic pulses formed in a fiber Bragg grating Optics Express 2006 Vol.14(17) pp.7617-7622

P.J.Almeida, P.Petropoulos, F.Parmigiani, M.Ibsen, D.J.Richardson, OTDM add-drop multiplexer based on time-frequency signal processing, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology 2006 Vol.24(7) pp.2720-2732 (Invited)

P.Petropoulos, F.Poletti, J.Y.Y.Leong, T.M.Monro, H.Ebendorff-Heidepriem, V.Finazzi, V.Tse, X.Feng, S.Asimakis, N.G.Broderick, D.J.Richardson, High nonlinearity holey fibers: design fabrication and applications CLEO/IQEC-Pacific Rim Tokyo 11-15 Jul 2005 (Invited)

J.Y.Y.Leong, P.Petropoulos, J.H.V.Price, H.Ebendorff-Heidepriem, S.Asimakis, R.Moore, K.Frampton, V.Finazzi, X.Feng, T.M.Monro, D.J.Richardson, High nonlinearity dispersion-shifted lead-silicate holey fibres for efficient 1micron pumped supercontinuum generation IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology 2006 Vol.24(1) pp.183-190

S.Asimakis, P.Petropoulos, F.Poletti, J.Y.Y.Leong, R.C.Moore, K.E.Frampton, X.Feng, W.H.Loh, D.J.Richardson, Towards efficient and broadband four-wave-mixing using short-length dispersion tailored lead silicate holey fibers. Optics Express 2007 Vol.15 pp.596-601

C.Jauregui, H.Ono, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, Four-fold reduction in the speed of light at practical power levels using Brillouin scattering in a 2-m bismuth-oxide fiber, OFC 2006 Anaheim 6-10 Mar 2006 PDP2 (Postdeadline)

C.Jauregui, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, Slowing of pulses to c/10 with subwatt power levels and low latency using brillouin amplification in a bismuth-oxide optical fiber Journal of Lightwave Technology 2007 Vol.25 pp.216-221

B.C.Thomsen, M.A.F.Roelens, R.T.Watts, D.J.Richardson, Comparison between nonlinear and linear spectrographic techniques for the complete characterization of high bit-rate pulses used in optical communications, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2005 Vol.17(9) pp.1914-1916  

M.A.F.Roelens, P.Petropoulos, D.J.Richardson, M.Forzati, A.Djupsjobacka, A.Berntson, Linear frequency resolved optical gating as a line monitoring tool, OFC 2006 Anaheim 5-10 Mar 2006

J.Prawiharjo, F.Parmigiani, K.Gallo, P.Petropoulos, N.G.B.Broderick, D.J.Richardson, Cascaded-x(2) interaction based frequency-resolved optical gating in a periodically poled LiNbO3 waveguide, Optics Letters 2005 Vol.31(2) pp.244-246

A.D.McCoy, P.Horak, B.C.Thomsen, M.Ibsen, M.R.Mokhtar, D.J.Richardson, Improving signal quality in a spectrum-sliced WDM system using SOA-based noise reduction, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 2005 Vol.17(1) pp.241-243A. 

D.McCoy, P.Horak, B.C.Thomsen, M.Ibsen, D.J.Richardson, Noise suppression of incoherent light using a gain saturated SOA: Implications for spectrum-sliced WDM systems, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology 2005 Vol.23(8) pp.2399-2409


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