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ORC Graduation 2008

Published: 19 August 2008


The ORC would like to warmly congratulate all 15 students in the ORC who were awarded their PhD or MPhil degrees between September 2007 and June 2008.

The ORC graduation ceremony took place on 23rd July 2008 in the Nuffield Theatre.  Graduands and their guests met up with staff and fellow students at a reception in their honour after the Ceremony.

The following seven students attended the ORC’s Graduation ceremony for the conferral of their PhD degrees.

Maxim Bashevoy
Supervisor: Professor Nikolay Zheludev
PhD Thesis: Plasmon exitations in metallic nanostructures

Chris Froud
Supervisor: Dr Bill Brocklesby
PhD Thesis: Designing a nanoscale X-Ray source towards single molecule X-ray scattering

Steve Helsby
Supervisor: Professor Peter Kazansky
PhD Thesis: The integration of fibre optics for atom chips

Julie Yeen Yeen Leong
Supervisors: Professor David Richardson and Dr Xian Feng
PhD Thesis: Fabrication and applications of lead-silicate glass holey fibre for 1-1.5microns: nonlinearity and dispersion trade-offs

Sik So
Supervisor: Professor David Shepherd
PhD Thesis: Power scaling of Tm:YLF-pumped Ho:YAG lasers

Iain Wellington
Supervisor: Professor Rob Eason
PhD Thesis: Direct UV Writing of Structures in lithium niobate and lithium tantalate

Naveed Naz
Supervisor: Professor David Shepherd
PhD Thesis: Investigation into mid-infrared pulse shaping using an optical parametric oscillator

The following students graduated 'in absentia':

Khu Tri Vu
Supervisors: Professor David Richardson and Dr Andrew Malinowski  
MPhil thesis: High power nanosecond pulsed fiber laser amplifiers  

King Nien Wong
Supervisor: Dr Morten Ibsen  
MPhil thesis: Broadband sources and fibre delay line for the functionality enhancement of optical coherence tomography application

Adrian Amezcua Correa
Supervisors: Professor David Richardson and Dr Pier Sazio
PhD Thesis: Deposition of electronic and plasmonic materials inside microstructured optical fibres

Alistair Muir
Supervisors: Professor Rob Eason and Dr Sakellaris Mailis
PhD Thesis: Interactions of single-crystal lithium niobate surfaces with ultra-violet laser radiation

Robert Simpson
Supervisor: Professor Dan Hewak
PhD Thesis: Chalcogenide thin film materials for next generation data storage

Vincent Ming-Leung Tse
Supervisor: Professor David Richardson
PhD Thesis: Development and applications of dispersion controlled high nonlinearity microstructured fibres

Everardo Vargas-Rodriguez
Supervisor: Professor Harvey Rutt
PhD Thesis: Optical gas sensors based on correlation spectroscopy using a Fabry-Perot interferometer

Jing Wang
Supervisor: Professor David Shepherd
PhD Thesis: High-average-power planar waveguide lasers


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