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OSA take part in murder mystery

Published: 25 March 2009

The OSA student chapter recently took part in a murder mystery game at the University’s Science and Engineering outreach day.

The murder mystery “Blood on the kitchen floor” was developed by ECS student Reena Pau and attended by the general public. A number of puzzles and games were set up by students from across the faculty that had to be cracked to get the next clue!

ORC PhD students Kate Sloyan and Thomas Franklin designed ‘laser light’ a table top puzzle involving a fixed laser, fixed target and a number of movable optical components. The components had to be arranged so that the beam could pass around the objects and hit the target. Yi Liao helped to run the challenge on the day.

Another challenge - I SPY was run by the ORC’s Mohammad Belal and James Gates along with the School of Physics and Astronomy. A laser was used to spy on people’s conversations in a room, sending a whispered message from one end of the room to the other via a laser beam.

Lightwave also participated in the day which as a whole won the British Science Association’s award for the Best Engineering Event 2009.

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