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ORC PhD student wins a quartet of grants

Published: 16 February 2015

Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) PhD student, Deepak Jain, has been selected for four separate grant awards for his work in novel large mode area fibre designs.

Deepak, who works in the ORC’s silica fibre fabrication group, is working on novel, large mode area fibre designs, such as single-trench fibre and multi-trench fibres, to overcome the difficulties typically faced when applying photonic crystal fibres.

Trench fibres show significant improvement over current competitive designs and have been successfully fabricated at ORC. The fibre design can be fabricated with conventional MCVD process in conjunction with solution doping process, which dramatically reduces the fabrication cost making it ideal for mass production.

Deepak’s latest award is from SPIE; a travel scholarship grant worth $2000 to attend Photonic West 2015, where he has presented his latest paper. Deepak said: “I am thankful to my supervisor, Professor Jayanta Sahu for his guidance and constant encouragement. I’d like to thank my colleagues Dr Catherine Baskiotis, Dr Yongmin Jung, Dr Pranabesh Barua, Dr Timothy May-Smith, and Mr. Robert J. Standish for their valuable support throughout this research.”

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