The University of Southampton

Fibre Bragg Gratings Group

Dynamic Displacement Measurement Techniques for Shock Physics Applications

Supervisor: Dr Morten Ibsen

The dynamic measurement of physical parameters in an explosively driven system is a difficult and often complex problem. With explosive systems reaching temperatures of 1000’s of degrees, pressures measured in GPa and velocities of several km/s, it is an extreme environment in which to make high precision measurements.

One of the most important measurements required is displacement of explosively driven metals. With a metal target accelerated to high velocities, an accurate measure of the distance travelled is required to characterise the behaviour of the system. Fast, optical interrogation is most likely to provide this information and the aim of this project is to design and test an instrument which will provide accurate dynamic displacement data.

The project conducted in collaboration with colleagues at AWE will be of a mainly experimental nature but some theoretical modelling and design is required to support and plan for the experimental work. The project offers considerable opportunities for students who show strong innovation as well as a desire to broach new areas of science and technology.

Please contact Dr Morten Ibsen ( for more information on this project.

Nationality: UK nationals only

Closing date: 31 August 2019

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