The University of Southampton

Advanced Laser Laboratory

The Advanced Laser Laboratory has been set up in collaboration with SPI Lasers and Trumpf GmbH.

PhD Projects:

The development of novel industrial fibre lasers with tailored beam shapes

Supervisor: Professor Michalis N. Zervas
Co-supervisor: Dr Jonathan Price

This project aims to develop multi-functional disruptive laser-light manufacturing tools and techniques, to increase manufacturing competitiveness. It will use a recently developed approach to create a robust, high power, fibre amplifier platform supporting shaped output beam profiles with agility provided by software-driven control.

Modern manufacturing has been revolutionised by photonics. Lasers weld cars, drill holes in turbine blades, fabricate 3D parts, mark metals and plastics, and are central to many products, such as solar panels and smart phones. Over the last decade, fibre lasers (an ORC invention), in particular, have shown spectacular progress. However, ever-more complex beams are be needed to continue this revolution. For example, an increase in cutting efficiency by using radially-polarized beams. The challenge remains how to convert this research result into an industrial process as that requires a new, robust, and fully integrated laser tool.

The successful student will learn how to develop advanced fibre technology, including all necessary optical and imaging techniques. They will work in an interdisciplinary environment in collaboration with colleagues from the fibre fabrication area through to those developing extremely high power lasers. It will support the applicant to develop into a manufacturing research leader of the future.

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