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The Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) is one of the world’s leading institutes for photonics research based at the University of Southampton. We have a vibrant community of researchers, led by some of the leading figures in the field of photonics. We have contributed significantly to the remarkable growth of the photonics industry, including the optical telecommunication technology that underpins the internet as well as many solutions in medicine, biosciences sensing, security and manufacturing.


Our latest achievements

  • 6 October 2017

    Outstanding photonics student wins prestigious...

    Photonics PhD student, Wanvisa Talataisong, has been selected winner of the 2016-2017 Professor Sir David Payne Student Scholar Award.

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  • 22 September 2017

    Government-sponsored audit highlights the...

    A new government-sponsored Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) has revealed that the South of England – Innovation South - is the backbone of the UK’s digital economy with the University of Southampton at the heart of the initiatives highlighted by the report, including Photonics.

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  • 22 September 2017

    Call: Free Silicon Photonics Active Device...

    Fourth fabrication call, September 2017

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  • With around 200 publications per year, 25 Invited or Plenary talks, and a spectacular history of innovation, we are highly successful. Academic success is, however, only part of the story. Our mission is to make a positive difference to the world around us, continuing the quest for lateral, non-linear ideas.


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