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Determination of diffusion profiles of neodymium in lithium niobate by means of spatially-resolved fluorescence measurements

Martin Hempstead


We discuss the application of spatially-resolved measurements of fluorescence intensity to the determination of diffusion profiles, in this case of neodymium ions into lithium niobate, and to the concentration-dependence of the fluorescence lifetime. The technique permits a precise determination of dipsion depth, but extraction of detailed point-by-point concentration measurements is not possible. We give a detailed analysis of the effect on the accuracy of the method of systematic uncertainties, including quantum electrodynamical corrections and concentration-dependent lifetimes. The overall systematic error in measurement of difision coeficient is shown to be approximately 10%. The diffusion coefficients measured are consistent with previous values, but the fluorescence lifetimes obtained are significantly shorter than for bulk-doped Nd: LiNbO3.

Journal of Applied Physics (1994) Vol.74 pp.5483-5492

doi: 10.1063/1.354229

Southampton ePrint id: 78283


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