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Profile dispersion measurements for optical fibres over the wavelength range 350 to 1900nm

F.M.E.Sladen, D.N.Payne and M.J.Adams


Pulse spreading in multimode optical fibres is caused primarily by a) transit-time differences which exist between modes and b) material dispersion effects which are apparent when using non-monochromatic sources. The resultant pulse spreading may be minimised, respectively by designing graded-core fibres with optimal refractive-index profiles, and by operating in the wavelength range 1.27-1.35μm, where the material dispersion effect is small. In order to optimise refractive-index profiles in this longer-wavelength region it is essential to possess accurate refractive-index data on commonly-used fibre materials over a wider spectral range than has been hitherto available. In this paper we present for the first time results giving the required optimum index profile over the extended wavelength range 350nm to 1900nm, thus allowing fibre design for the 1.3μm region. Furthermore, the expansion which has been achieved in the wavelength range of the measurements has resulted in a considerable improvement in accuracy over the results reported previously.

4th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) Geneva 12-15 Sep (1978) pp.48-57

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