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Some characteristics of unidirectional lasing in ring lasers using the acousto-optic effect

W.A.Clarkson, K.I.Martin, D.C.Hanna, A.B.Neilson


For many homogeneously-broadened solid-state lasers, enforcing unidirectional operation of a ring laser can be both a convenient and efficient route to a reliable single frequency output. One attractive way to enforce unidirectional operation, first demonstrated for Ti:sapphire [1] and dye ring lasers [1],[2], is to use a travelling-wave acousto-optic modulator. This technique offers the advantages that it does not rely on polarisation discrimination, unlike the Faraday isolator approach, and requires only one additional intracavity component, so is well suited for use in low-gain, miniature diode-pumped solid-state lasers [3],[4].

EQEC '93 Firenze 10-13 Sep (1993) Vol.1 pp.64-67 paper LDFrP30

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