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Detection of DNA-gold nanoparticle hybrids on patterned surfaces

A.M.Weld1, H.B.Yin2, T.Melvin1,2

1. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
2. School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK


An optical diffraction based sensor has been developed for the detection of DNA-gold nanoparticle hybrids. Silicon substrates were patterned with oligonucleotide sequences in the form of a one-dimensional diffraction grating. Complementary sequences are detected by hybridisation with an oligonucleotide functionalised gold nanoparticle label. Detection of the gold nanoparticles is achieved by examining the diffraction efficiency of the diffraction gratings formed by laser illumination.

Postgraduate Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (PGBIOMED'04) Southampton Aug (2004)

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