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An experimental comparison of nonlinear and parabolic tapered waveguide lasers and a demonstration of broad-stripe diode pumping

S.J.Hettrick, J.Wang, C.Li, J.S.Wilkinson and D.P.Shepherd


We compare the laser performance of linear and parabolic tapered waveguides in ion-exchanged Nd:Glass, finding significant advantage for the linear guides, with demonstrated adiabatic expansion to widths of 250μm. The characterisation of these waveguide lasers by Ti: sapphire pumping is followed by a demonstration of high-power diode-pumped laser operation and a discussion of the optimisation of such a scheme for producing high-power integrated-optics laser sources.

IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology (2004) Vol.22(3) pp.845-849

doi: 10.1109/JLT.2004.824548

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