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Silicon-based photonic crystal structures

G.J.Parker, M.D.B.Charlton, M.E.Zoorob, J.J.Baumberg, M.C.Netti*, S.J.Cox, J.S.Wilkinson*

Department of Electronics & Computer Science, and Optoelectronics Research Centre, The University of Southampton, UK


It is likely that the commercialisation of Photonic Crystal (PC) technology will require the high-volume capabilities provided by semiconductor nanofabrication processes. To this end, a Silicon-compatible PC waveguide could form the basic building block of an all-optical circuit. This presentation will discuss the development of PC research at Southampton University (UK) which began with deep photoelectrochemically etched holes in single-crystal Silicon. This initial work progressed to an all dielectric waveguide structure on a Silicon substrate, with the materials utilised being compatible with a CMOS process. PC nanofabrication and optical characterisation using these waveguiding structures will be described in detail.

The Knowledge Foundation International Conference on Photonic Nanostructures San Diego, California, USA (2001)

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