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Buried laser waveguides in neodymium-doped BK-7 by K+-Na+ ion-exchange across a direct-bonded interface

Corin B.E.Gawith, Tajamal Bhutta, David P.Shepherd, Ping Hua, Ji Wang, Graeme W.Ross, and Peter G.R.Smith


We report a technique for producing single-step buried K+-Na+ ion-exchanged waveguide lasers in neodymium doped BK-7. Direct bonding is the basis for this process, providing atomic contact between two chemically modified BK-7-type substrates followed by a 350 C treatment suitable for simultaneous annealing and intersubstrate ion-exchange. Characterization of a 6-mm long device was performed using a Ti:Sapphire laser operating at 808 nm. The resultant laser output exhibited TE polarized single-spatial-mode operation with losses of < 0.4 dB cm−1 and a maximum output power of 8.5 mW for 249 mW of absorbed pump power.

Applied Physics Letters (1999) Vol.75(24) pp.3757-3759

doi: 10.1063/1.125446

Southampton ePrint id: 77773


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