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Densification involved in the UV-based photosensitivity of silica glasses and optical fibers

M.Douay, W.X.Xie, T.Taunay, P.Bemage, P.Niay, P.Cordier, B.Poumellec, L.Dong, J.F.Bayon, H.Poignant, and E.Delevaque


A comprehensive survey of photosensitivity in silica glasses and optical fiber is reviewed. Recent work on understanding the mechanisms contributing to germanium or aluminum doped fiber photosensitivity is discussed within tbe framework of photoelastic densification models.

IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology (1997) Vol.15(8) pp.1329-1342 Invited

doi: 10.1109/50.618334

Southampton ePrint id: 77925


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