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Lossless integrated active splitters for optical networks

M.Hempstead1, J.E.Román1, P.Camy2, C.Lerminiaux2, A.Béguin2, P.Laborde2, A.M.Koonen3, F.W.Willems3, J.C.van der Plaats3, R.Ries4

1. Optical Fibre Group, University of Southampton, UK
2. Corning Europe Inc., 7 bis, Avenue de Valvins, 772 10 Avon, France
3. AT&T Network Systems, The Netherlands
4. Deutsche Bundespost Telekom Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum, Germany


We discuss the latest results in the European Union RACE II project LIASON to specify and develop "lossless" splitters in integrated optics, combining an erbium-doped planar amplifier and a passive 1xN cascaded y-junction splitter.

IEE Colloquium on guided wave optical signal processing London 08-Jun (1995)

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