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This is the public searchable directory of our members and visitors. It only contains people who have explicitly given consent to appear in the public directory.

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Sir David PayneDirector of
Professor David RichardsonDeputy
Professor Nikolay ZheludevDeputy
Professor Graham ReedDeputy
Professor Robert EasonAcademic
Professor James WilkinsonAcademic
Professor Gilberto BrambillaAcademic
Professor William ClarksonAcademic
Professor Peter KazanskyAcademic
Professor Kevin MacdonaldAcademic
Professor Goran MashanovichAcademic
Professor Lars NilssonAcademic
Professor Anna PeacockAcademic
Professor Periklis PetropoulosAcademic
Professor Marco PetrovichAcademic
Professor Francesco PolettiAcademic
Professor Themis ProdromakisAcademic
Professor Jayanta SahuAcademic
Professor Peter G.R. SmithAcademic
Dr Bill BrocklesbyAcademic
Dr Frederic GardesAcademic
Dr Peter HorakAcademic
Dr Ping HuaAcademic
Dr Morten IbsenAcademic
Dr Jacob MackenzieAcademic
Dr Sakellaris MailisAcademic
Dr Tracy MelvinAcademic
Dr Jonathan PriceAcademic
Dr Ozan AktasResearch
Shahab Bakhtiari GorajoobiResearch
Dr Pranabesh BaruaResearch
Alexandre BazinResearch
Dr Walter BelardiResearch
Dr Fedia Ben SlimenResearch
Dr Martynas BeresnaResearch
Dr Sam BerryResearch
Kyle BottrillResearch
Dr Thomas BradleyResearch
Dr Michael BukshtabResearch
Dr Lewis CarpenterResearch
Dr Jaclyn ChanResearch
Dr Xia ChenResearch
Dr Yong ChenResearch
Dr Ian DavidsonResearch
Dr Francesco De LuciaResearch
Dr Thalia Dominguez BucioResearch
Dr Han DuResearch
Dr Mohamed EttabibResearch
Dr Vassili FedotovResearch
Dr Yujun FengResearch
Dr Senthil GanapathyResearch
Dr James GatesResearch
Dr Corin GawithResearch
Dr Behrad GholipourResearch
Dr Paul GowResearch
Dr James Grant-JacobResearch
Massimiliano GuasoniResearch
Dr Peijun HeResearch
Daniel HeathResearch
Dr Chung-Che HuangResearch
Dr Saurabh JainResearch
Dr Gregory JasionResearch
Dr Yongmin JungResearch
Dr Artemios KarvounisResearch
Dr Ioannis KatisResearch
Dr Hyuntai KimResearch
Dr Sergey KurylchykResearch
Dr Cosimo LacavaResearch
Dr Timothy LeeResearch
Ke LiResearch
Dr Ali MasoudiResearch
Paolo MenneaResearch
Dr Ben MillsResearch
Dr Milan MilosevicResearch
Dr Vinita MittalResearch
Dr Katrina MorganResearch
Dr Hans Christian MulvadResearch
Dr Eric Numkam FokouaResearch
Dr Jun-Yu OuResearch
Dr Matthew PartridgeResearch
Dr Shankar PidishetyResearch
Dr Eric PlumResearch
Dr Scott ReynoldsResearch
Dr Edward RogersResearch
Dr Dave RoweResearch
Dr Masaaki SakakuraResearch
Dr Hesham SakrResearch
Vassili SavinovResearch
Dr Pier-John SazioResearch
Dr Abdul ShakoorResearch
Dr Gholamreza ShayeganradResearch
Dr Radan SlavikResearch
Dr Jordi Soler PenadesResearch
Dr Collin SonesResearch
Dr Stevan StankovicResearch
Dr Spyros StathopoulosResearch
Dr Antulio TarazonaResearch
Naresh ThipparapuResearch
Dr David ThomsonResearch
Dr Andrey UmnikovResearch
Dr Natasha VukovicResearch
Dr lei WangResearch
Natalie WheelerResearch
Dr Lin XuResearch
Xingzhao YanResearch
Dr Weiwei ZhangResearch
Dr Libe Arzubiaga
Dr Zhuo
Dr John
Dr Kian
Martin Nunez
Dr Peter
Dr Chen
Dr Owain
Dr Christophe
Professor John
Dr Paulo Dos Santos
Dr Juliano Grigoleto
Dr Zhimeng
Dr Rand
Dr Qiongyue
Dr David
Dr Ole
Dr Minhua
Dr Francesca
Dr Seyed
Professor David
Dr Jianguan
Dr Hongxiang

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