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Rex Bannerman

Postgraduate research student


Gawith, Corin, Gates, James, Mennea, Paolo, Carpenter, Lewis, Berry, Sam, Holmes, Christopher, Lynch, Stephen, Posner, Matthew, Bannerman, Rex, Turvey, Miranda, Cooper, Peter and Smith, Peter (2016) Fabrication of integrated optical waveguides for use in new quantum technologies. At International Conference on Photonics 2016 International Conference on Photonics 2016, Malaysia. 14 - 16 Mar 2016. (In Press)

Posner, M.T., Bannerman, R.H.S., Smith, D.H., Mennea, P.L., Gates, J.C. and Smith, P.G.R. (2017) High-birefringence direct-UV-written silica waveguides for heralded single-photon sources at telecom wavelengths. At CLEO/Europe - EQEC 2017 CLEO/Europe - EQEC 2017, Munich, Germany. 25 - 29 Jun 2017. (In Press)

Jantzen, Alexander, Bannerman, Rex, Boyd, Lewis, Smith, Peter and Holmes, Christopher (2017) Enhanced temperature sensitivity of thermally regenerated direct ultraviolet written gratings in germanium doped core fiber. In Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and European Quantum Electronics Conference.

Jantzen, Alex, Holmes, Christopher, Lynch, Stephen, Posner, Matthew T., Bannerman, Rex and Smith, Peter (2016) Tilted Bragg gratings in integrated optical fiber. In Photonics and Fiber Technology 2016 (ACOFT, BGPP, NP). OSA Publishing. 2 pp.

Gow, Paul C., Bannerman, Rex H.S., Holmes, Christopher, Gates, James C. and Smith, Peter G.R. (2017) Direct UV written integrated planar waveguides fabricated with 213nm light. 2017 Conference on lasers and electro-optics and European Quantum Electronics conference, Munich, Germany. 25 - 29 Jun 2017. (In Press)

Jantzen, Alexander, Bannerman, Rex, Berry, Sam, Gates, James, Gow, Paul, Boyd, Lewis, Smith, Peter and Holmes, Christopher (2017) Observations from direct UV written, non-hydrogen loaded, thermally regenerated Bragg gratings in double clad photosensitive fiber. Optics Letters, 42 (19), 3741-3744. (doi:10.1364/OL.42.003741).

Jantzen, Alexander, Bannerman, Rex, Berry, Sam, Gates, James, Gow, Paul, Smith, Peter and Holmes, Christopher (2017) Dataset for Optical Spectrum with time as temperature is increased for thermally regenerative gratings. University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D0224 [Dataset]

Holmes, Christopher, Jantzen, Alexander, Gray, Alan, Ciaran, Gow, Paul C., Carpenter, Lewis Glynn, Bannerman, Rex, Gates, James and Smith, Peter (2017) Evanescent field refractometry in planar optical fiber. Optics Letters. (doi:10.1364/OL.43.000791).

Mennea, Paolo, Clements, William, Posner, Matthew, Bannerman, Rex, Smith, Devin, Renema, Jelmer, Gates, James, Kolthammer, W.Steven, Walmsley, Ian and Smith, Peter (2017) A reconfigurable modular system for on-chip quantum optics.

Gow, Paul C., Bannerman, Rex, Gates, James, Holmes, Christopher and Smith, Peter (2018) Direct UV written integrated waveguides using 213nm light. SPIE Photonics West 2018, San Francisco, United States. 27 Jan - 01 Feb 2018. (In Press)

Carpenter, Lewis Glynn, Berry, Sam, Bannerman, Rex, Gray, Alan, Ciaran, Field, James, Holmes, Christopher, Gates, James, Smith, Peter and Gawith, Corin (2018) Developing PPLN waveguides for quantum rubidium atom traps in space. Nonlinear Photonics (OSA, Advanced Photonics Congress), Zürich, Switzerland. 02 - 05 Jul 2018.


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