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Nonlinear & microstructured optical materials

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PhD Project:

Ferroelectric/TMD-monolayer tunable optoelectronics

Supervisor: Sakellaris Mailis 
Co-Supervisors: Pier Sazio, Dan Hewak

Technologies that are associated with single photon sources are essential for the development of quantum communications and quantum information processing. To this end there has been extended activity in this research area which is largely relevant to Physics and materials science.

This project is dedicated to the development of such sources based on quantum dots that consists of 2D materials, such as MoS2 and other transition metal dichalchogenides) which are deposited onto the tips of ultra-sharp ferroelectric micro-structures. The main advantages of such an arrangement come from i) the positioning accuracy of the quantum dot and ii) from the functionality of the ferroelectric substrate which can be tuned electrically and/or optically to modulate the emission of light from the quantum dots.

The research program will provide numerous training opportunities to the candidate ranging from cleanroom-based fabrication techniques to high precision spectroscopy and electronic device characterization method

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