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Andrei Donko

Postgraduate research student

Andrei Donko obtained his undergraduate Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Manchester in 2016. In his final year he specialised in laser engineering during an industrial placement. Shortly after graduating, he joined the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronic Research Centre to begin his PhD. Andrei is now focussed on femtosecond laser inscription techniques and their applications for integrated photonic devices.


Posner, Matthew, Jantzen, Alexander, Van Putten, Lieke Dorine, Ravagli, Andrea, Donko, Andrei, Laszlo, Soper, Nathan, Wong, Nicholas, Heng Loong and John, Pearl (2017) Cathedral outreach: student-led workshops for school curriculum enhancement in non-traditional environments In SPIE PROCEEDINGS: 14th Conference on Education and Training in Optics and Photonics: ETOP 2017. vol. 10452, SPIE.. (doi:10.1117/12.2266445).

Donko, Andrei, Beresna, Martynas, Jung, Yongmin, Hayes, John, Richardson, David and Brambilla, Gilberto (2017) Point-by-point inscription of Bragg gratings in a multicore fibre At CLEO-Pacific Rim 2017, Singapore, Singapore. 31 Jul - 04 Aug 2017. 2 pp.

Donko, Andrei, Laszlo, Nunez Velazquez, Martin, Miguel Angel and Beresna, Martynas (2017) Dataset for Femtosecond Inscription And Thermal Testing Of Bragg Gratings In High Concentration Germania-Doped Optical Fibre University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D0215 [Dataset]

Donko, A., Nuñez Velazquez, M., Barua, P., Sahu, J., Beresna, M. and Brambilla, G. (2017) Point-by-point femtosecond laser inscription of Bragg gratings in high NA (>0.4) germania-doped optical fibre At WSOF 2017, Limassol, Cyprus. 11 - 13 Oct 2017. 3 pp.

Donko, Andrei, Laszlo, Jung, Yongmin and Beresna, Martynas (2017) Dataset for Point-by-point Femtosecond Laser Micro-processing of Independent Core-Specific Fiber Bragg Gratings in a Multicore Fiber University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D0291 [Dataset]

Donko, Andrei, Laszlo, Nunez Velazquez, Martin, Barua, Pranabesh, Guzman Cruz, Fernando, Alberto, Ismaeel, Rand, Lee, Timothy, Sahu, Jayanta and Beresna, Martynas (2017) Femtosecond inscription and thermal testing of Bragg gratings in high concentration (40 mol%) Germania-doped optical fibre Optics Express


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