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Demonstration of 205km transmission of 35GHz, 5ps pulses generated from a diode-driven, low jitter, beat-signal to soliton conversion source

D.J.Richardson1, R.P.Chamberlin1, L.Dong1, D.N.Payne1, A.D.Ellis2, T.Widdowson2 and D.M.Spirit2

1. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
2. BT Labs,Ipswich IP5 7RE,Suffolk, UK


The authors discuss the performance of a low-timing-jitter, diode-driven, Nd:YLF pumped 5ps. 30-40GHz soliton source based on beat-signal conversion in a dispersion-decreasing fibre. In addition. the first experimental demonstration is reported of long-distance (205km) propagation of such pulse streams in an amplified transmission line incorporating three amplifiers at 50km amplifier spacing.

Electronics Letters (1995) Vol.31(6) pp.470-472

doi: 10.1049/el:19950317

Southampton ePrint id: 78168


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