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A synchronously pumped waveguide CH4 Raman laser at 1.54 Ám

D.C.Hanna, S.G.Mussett, M.T.T.Pacheco and D.P.Shepherd
Department of Physics, University of Southampton, UK


The threshold for stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) in CH4 gas with a 1.06 μm pump has been reduced to only ~50 kW using an arrangement involving synchronous pumping and confinement in a capillary waveguide. This corresponds to a threshold reduction of ~50 compared to an unguided, single pass device. This Raman laser has produced stable mode-locked 1.54 μm pulses of ~12 kW power and pulse duration ~100 ps.

Optics Communications (1988) Vol.65 pp.279-282

doi: 10.1016/0030-4018(88)90167-8

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