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Study of luminol electrochemiluminescence with a planar optical waveguide for peroxide sensor application

J.Kremeskötter, R.Wilson, D.J.Schiffrin, B.J.Luff*, and J.S.Wilkinson*

Department of Chemistry, Liverpool University, L69 3BX, UK
* Optoelectronics Research Centre, Southampton, UK


The work presented in this paper is aiming at the development of a highly sensitive, specific, cheap and widely applicable new sensor based on the combination of optical and electrochemical techniques. In addition to the analytically valuable information of light intensity generated, the light transient resulting from a double potential step experiment contains kinetic information for both the electrochemical step as well as for the successive diffusion and chemical steps in the reaction layer. The comparison of transients due to short range waveguide-evanescent field coupling as shown in Fig. 2 and those obtained by measuring light over the full depth of the diffusion layer in Fig. 3 can be used to obtain such information.

Conference of the Electrochemical Society Reno USA (1995) pp.1054

Southampton ePrint id: 77041


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