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Femtosecond harmonically mode-locked fibre laser with time jitter below 1ps

S.Gray, A.B.Grudinin, W.H.Loh, and D.N.Payne


We have made an experimental study of the time jitter in a harmonic passively mode-locked fiber soliton ring laser. We demonstrate that jitter as low as 600 fs (100-550 Hz), which is less than the soliton pulse width, can be achieved at a repetition frequency of 463 MHz. The results support the suggestion that the stability of the laser is dependent on the long-range soliton interaction through the excitation of acoustic waves that is induced by the propagating pulses.

Optics Letters (1995) Vol.20(2) pp.189-191

doi: 10.1364/OL.20.000189

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