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Amplified fiber ring resonator gyro

Jon Thomas Kringlebotn

Dept. Physical Electronics, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science, Norwegian Institute of Technology, University of Trondheim, N-7034 Trondheim, Norway.
and Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK


The sensitivity of a fiber-optic ring resonator gyro increases with increasing resonator finesse, which can be achieved by including a fiber amplifier in the ring. The spontaneous emission from a fiber amplifier introduces additional noise. The effect of this noise on the performance of an ARRG is theoretically investigated, assuming an infinity source coherence length. It is found that for a given fiber length, the uncertainty in measuring the rotation rate with an ARRG can be more than one order of magnitude lower than with a shot noise limited PRRG, and about three orders of magnitude lower than with an IFOG.

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (1992) Vol.4(10) pp.1180-1183

doi: 10.1109/68.163772

Southampton ePrint id: 78207


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