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Ultraviolet absorption in modified chemical vapor deposition preforms

L.Dong, J.Pinkstone, P.St.J.Russell, and D.N.Payne


Using a simple and effective technique, we have systematically studied the UV absorption in a number of fiber preforms made by modified chemical vapor deposition. The 242-nm absorption band due to germanium-related oxygen-deficient centers (GODC's) is found to be approximately linearly dependent on germania concentration and, for a small initial increase, is almost constant throughout the preform collapse process. However, we found that the band can be increased by 700% when a reducing atmosphere (He + 1%D2) is substituted for O2. Several codopants have been evaluated to determine their effect on the GODC concentration. Phosphorus, boron, aluminum, and fluorine all reduce the 242-nm band; phosphorus causes the largest change.

Journal of the Optical Society of America (1994) Vol.11(10) pp.2106-2111

doi: 10.1364/JOSAA.11.002106

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