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Tunable, single-frequency Er:Yb phospho-silicate fiber Fabry-Perot lasers

Kevin Hsu, Calvin M.Miller, J.Thomas Kringlebotn*, David N.Payne*

Micron Optics, Inc. 2801 Buford Highway, Suite 140, Atlanta, Ga 30329, USA
* Optoelectronics Research Center, University of Southampton, UK


Tunable erbium:ytterbium phospho-silicate fiber lasers using single- and compound-fiber Fabry-Perot configurations are reported for the first time. Continuous tuning of an ultrashort-cavity laser over 3.33nm and discrete tuning of longer compound-cavity lasers over 5nm are demonstrated.

20th European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC '94) Florence 26-30 Sep (1994) Vol.1 pp.361-364

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