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The application of Ga:La:S-based glasses for optical amplification at 1.3Ám

J.A.Medeiros Neto, J.Wang, B.Samson, B.Dussardier, D.W.Hewak, E.Taylor, R.I.Laming and D.N.Payne


The optical properties of praseodymium-doped low-phonon energy glasses have recently attracted considerable attention for their potential application as a 1.3μm Pr3+-doped optical fibre amplifier. Sulphide glasses based on Ga2S3 and La2S3 are amongst the lowest phonon energy glass which are suitable for this application, with quantum efficiencies exceeding 50% currently measured on bulk samples in our laboratory. The purpose of this paper is to describe the thermal, optical and spectroscopic properties of Pr3+-doped sulphide based glasses and report on progress to date in achievement of a Pr3+-doped sulphide based fibre.

9th International Symposium on Non-Oxide Glasses Hangzhou China 10-14 May (1994)

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