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Phase matched parametric amplification via four-wave mixing in optical microfibers

M.Abdul Khudus, F.De Lucia, C.Corbari, T.Lee, P.Horak, P.Sazio and G.Brambilla


Four-wave mixing (FWM) based parametric amplification in optical microfibers (OMF) is demonstrated over a wavelength range of over 1000 nm by exploiting their tailorable dispersion characteristics to achieve phase matching. Simulations indicate that for any set of wavelengths satisfying the FWM energy conservation condition there are two diameters at which phase matching in the fundamental mode can occur. Experiments with a high-power pulsed source working in conjunction with a periodically poled silica fiber (PPSF), producing both fundamental and second harmonic signals, are undertaken to investigate the possibility of FWM parametric amplification in OMFs. Large increases of idler output power at the third harmonic wavelength were recorded for diameters close to the two phase matching diameters. A total amplification of more than 25 dB from the initial signal was observed in a 6 mm long optical microfiber, after accounting for the thermal driftof the PPSF and other losses in the system.

Optics Letters (2016) Vol.1-5

doi: 10.1364/OL.99.099999

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