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Characterisation of secondary silver ion-exchange into potassium ion-exchanged glass waveguides

C.R.Lavers, B.J.Ault and J.S.Wilkinson


Local enhancement of refractive index in potassium-ion-exchanged optical waveguides in glass is of interest for realization of low-loss bends and intersections and more complex structures such as gratings for reflection and phase-matching. Local enhancement may be realized through subsequent ion exchange with an ion having higher polarizability, such as silver. However, in order to design such structures, the diffusion of silver ions into potassium ion-exchanged waveguides must be characterized. In this paper, we present and compare diffusion profiles and coefficients of silver ions in soda-lime glass and in potassium-ion-exchanged waveguides in this glass.

Journal of Physics D (1994) Vol.27(2) pp.235-40

doi: 10.1088/0022-3727/27/2/009

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