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Single-Fluxon Controlled Resistance Switching in Centimeter-Long Superconducting Gallium−Indium Eutectic Nanowires

Weiwei Zhao1,2, Jesse L.Bischof1,3, Jimmy Hutasoit1,2, Xin Liu1,2, Thomas C.Fitzgibbons1,3,
John R.Hayes4, Pier J.A.Sazio4, Chaoxing Liu1,2, Jainendra K.Jain1,2, John V.Badding1,3 and M.H.W.Chan1,2

1. Center for Nanoscale Science, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania16802, USA
2. Department of Physics, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania16802, USA
3. Department of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania16802, USA
4. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, U.K.


The ability to manipulate a single quantum object, such as a single electron or a single spin, to induce a change in a macroscopic observable lies at the heart of nanodevices of the future. We report an experiment wherein a single superconducting flux quantum, or a fluxon, can be exploited to switch the resistance of a nanowire between two discrete values. The experimental geometry consists of centimeter-long nanowires of superconducting Ga-In eutectic, with spontaneously formed Ga nanodroplets along the length of the nanowire. The nonzero resistance occurs when a Ga nanodroplet traps one or more superconducting fluxons, thereby driving a Josephson weak-link created by a second nearby Ga nanodroplet normal. The fluxons can be inserted or flipped by careful manipulation of the magnetic field or temperature to produce one of many metastable states of the system.

Nano Letters (2015) Vol.15 pp.153-158

doi: 10.1021/nl503283e

Southampton ePrint id: 374984


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