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Low phonon-energy glasses for efficient 1.3Ám optical fibre amplifiers

D.W.Hewak, R.S.Deol, J.Wang, G.Wylangowski, J.A.Mederios Neto, B.N.Samson, R.I.Laming, W.S.Brocklesby, D.N.Payne, A.Jha, M.Poulain, S.Otero, S.Surinach and M.D.Baro


The results of an experimental and theoretical study to compare the attributes of Pr3+-doped sulphide, chloride, mixed halide, fluoride and chlorotellurite glasses for 1.3μm fibre amplifiers are presented. Quantum efficiencies based on measured and calculated radiative and nonradiative rates are presented for each glass together with its 1.3μm fluorescence spectrum and an estimate of its loss.

Electronics Letters (1993) Vol.29(2) pp.237-239

doi: 10.1049/el:19930163

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