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Ytterbium fiber lasers: versatile sources for the 1-1.2-Ám region

C.J.Mackechnie, P.R.Barber, H.M.Pask, D.C.Hanna


Ytterbium doped silica fibers can offer very versatile laser sources in the 1-1.2-μm region with a wide range of possible pumps and operating wavelengths. In particular operation is possible from 980 nm to at least 1.18 μm. This range covers operation at 1.017 μm, suitable for up-conversion or for the 1.3 μm amplifier in Pr3+ ZBLAN fiber, and operation at 1.12 μm suitable for up-conversion in Tm3+ ZBLAN. We report here experimental results and modeling aimed at optimizing performance of Yb3+ fiber lasers for these various applications.

Conference on Lasers & Electro-Optics (CLEO '93) Baltimore Maryland May (1993)

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