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Laser-based printing and patterning for biological applications

C.L.Sones, I.N.Katis, B.Mills, A.Mosayyebi, J.Butement, M.Feinäugle, and R.W.Eason


We present the use of pulsed lasers as patterning and printing tools for the end applications of micro-contact printing and paper-based fluidics. A fs-laser was used with a digital multi-mirror device (DMD) to structure a mould via ablation or photo-polymerisation. The patterns in this mould were then cast into polydimethlysiloxane (PDMS)-mould which was used for micro-contact printing. With the end-goal of producing a microfluidic diagnostic sensor on paper, a ns-laser was used for laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) of proteins onto a paper substrate, whose viability was validated by a colorimetric detection assay.

International Workshop on the Fabrication and Application of Microstructured Optical Devices Keio University, Hiyoshi Campus, Yokohama, Japan 27-28 Feb (2014) Invited

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