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Fluorescent lifetime of Er3+ 3I13/2 level in BK-7 borosilicate glass

J.Wanga, E.K.Mwaraniaa, J.R.Lincolnb, T.Feuchtera, W.S.Brocklesbyb, I.W.Croudacec, D.N.Paynea and J.S.Wilkinsona

a. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
b. Department of Physics, University of Southampton, UK
c. Department of Geology, University of Southampton, UK


It is established that the B3+ ions exist only in the form of [BO4] units in BK-7 borosilicate glass. This limits the maximum vibrational energy at peak to 1200 cm−1 rather than 1400 cm−1, as is found in borate glasses, and explains the long lifetime of the Er3+ 4I13/2 level observed in BK-7 borosilicate glass.

Materials Letters (1992) Vol.14 pp.347-351

Southampton ePrint id: 78331


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