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Waveguide lasers operating at 1084nm in neodymium-diffused lithium niobate

Martin Hempstead, James S.Wilkinson and Laurence Reekie


We report the demonstration of waveguide lasers in lithium niobate into which the active element neodymium has been introduced by thermal diffusion. The waveguides were fabricated using conventional Ti indiffusion, and optical feedback was provided by the polished endfaces alone. The absorbed power threshold of one waveguide laser was estimated at 133 mW for pumping at 814 nm, and its slope efficiency in terms of total lasing output as a function of absorbed pump power was estimated to be 558%. Laser output powers in excess of 100 mW were observed.

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (1992) Vol.4(8) pp.852-855

doi: 10.1109/68.149885

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