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Accurate modal gain control in a multimode erbium doped fiber amplifier incorporating ring doping and a simple LP01 pump configuration

Q.Kang, E.L.Lim, Y.Jung, J.K.Sahu, F.Poletti, C.Baskiotis, S.U.Alam, and D.J.Richardson


We experimentally validate a numerical model to study multimode erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (MM-EDFAs). Using this model, we demonstrate the improved performance achievable in a step index MM-EDFA incorporating a localized erbium doped ring and its potential for Space Division Multiplexed (SDM) transmission. Using a pure LP01 pump beam, which greatly simplifies amplifier construction, accurate modal gain control can be achieved by carefully tuning the thickness of the ring-doped layer in the active fiber and the pump power. In particular, by optimizing the erbium-ring-doped structure and the length of active fiber used, over 20dB gain for both LP01 and LP11 signals with a maximum gain difference of around 2 dB across the C band are predicted for a pure LP01 pump beam delivering 250mW power at 980nm.

Optics Express (2012) Vol.20(19) pp.20835-20843

doi: 10.1364/OE.20.020835

Southampton ePrint id: 343089


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