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Mid-infrared transmission properties of step index and large mode area ZnSe microstructured optical fibers

N.Healy1, J.R.Sparks2, Rongrui He2, M.N.Petrovich1, P.J.A.Sazio1, J.V.Badding2 and A.C.Peacock1

1. Optoelectronic Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
2. Department of Chemistry and Materials Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University, 16802 PA, USA


ZnSe microstructured fibers have been designed and fabricated using silica capillaries and an air-silica photonic band-gap optical fiber as high-pressure microfluidic templates for semiconductor growth via chemical fluid deposition. We examine their transmission properties over a wide spectral range.

Advances in Optical Materials San Diego 1-3 Feb (2012)

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