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Emerging pulsed laser deposition techniques

R.W.Eason, T.C.May-Smith, K.Sloyan, R.Gazia, M.Darby and A.Sposito

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in Laser growth and processing of photonic devices
Edited by N Vainos, University of Patras, Greece

The use of lasers for the deposition and processing of electronic and photonic materials is becoming increasingly widespread and advances in processing technology are reducing costs and increasing throughput. Laser deposition of photonic materials and laser processing techniques can produce high quality devices with novel properties. Part one covers laser deposition and growth of materials, including pulsed laser deposition and laser-induced self-assembly of semiconductors. Part two describes laser patterning and lithography techniques, such as 3D laser lithography. Part three looks at laser treatments to manipulate properties of photonic materials for applications such as optical storage, laser components, waveguides and displays.

ISBN 1 84569 936 X
ISBN-13: 978 1 84569 936 9
July 2012
488 pages 234 x 156mm hardback

Emerging pulsed laser deposition techniques

- Current state-of-the-art in pulsed laser deposition (PLD)
- Problems for growth of thick films and designer refractive index profiles
- Multi-beam PLD
- Use of three different targets: combinatorial growth
- Future work in complex PLD geometries
- Conclusions
- Acknowledgments
- References

Laser growth and processing of photonic devices (2012) Edited by N.Vainos, Publisher: Woodhead UK

doi: 10.1533/9780857096227

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