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Fibre four-wave mixing in multi-channel coherent systems

M.W.Maeda, W.B.Sessa, W.I.Way, A.Yi-Yan, R.Welter and L.Curtis
Bellcore, 331 Newman Springs Road, NJ 07701, USA

Optical Fibre Group, The University of Southampton, U.K.


The crosstalk degradation due to four-wave mixing (FWM) in fiber is studied in a 155Mb/s, 16 channel coherent system with the signal powers amplified by an erbium-doped fiber amplifier. When a total power of +8.4dBm (0.46mW/channel) is launched into the fiber, the crosstalk degradation is 0.4dB. A theoretical study indicates the EWM dependence on fiber chromatic dispersion, the total number of channels, and the signal power levels and polarization states.

OFC '90 San Francisco 22-26 Jan (1990) pp.20-21

Southampton ePrint id: 77492


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