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An integrated multimodal acoustic particle manipulator and optical evanescent field waveguide

Peter Glynne-Jones1, Martyn Hill1, Rosemary J.Townsend1, Nicholas R.Harris2,
James S.Wilkinson3, Fan Zhang3, Tracy Melvin3

1. School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
2. Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK
3. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK


A new acoustic-optical-microfluidic system is presented for the manipulation of bead-tagged DNA molecules. Acoustic radiation forces are used to manipulate microspheres into and away from the evanescent field of a laser coupled waveguide that is integrated into the reflector of the acoustic chamber. With suitable fluorophores the presence of the target DNA can be detected with a fluorescence microscope enabling large populations of beads to be examined simultaneously. The integrated waveguide and multimodal acoustic chamber are presented here, with results showing that the microspheres can be successfully detected as they are brought into the evanescent field using a quarter-wave acoustic configuration. It is also shown that by measuring the time of flight of a microsphere between the half- and quarterwave nodal planes the bead size can be determined, providing a means of multiplexing the detection (detecting a range of different target DNA sequences).

Journal of Acoustic Society of America (2008) Vol.123(5 Pt2) pp.3925 (Paper 5pPAa2 in Acoustics '08, 4 July, Paris )

doi: 10.1121/1.2935963

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