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Highly efficient surface enhanced Raman scattering using microstructured optical fibers with enhanced plasmonic interactions

Anna C.Peacock1, Adrian Amezcua-Correa1, Jixin Yang2, Pier J.A.Sazio1, and Steven M.Howdle2

1. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
2. School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK


Microstructured optical fibers "MOFs" represent a promising platform technology for fully integrated photonic-plasmonic devices. In this paper, we experimentally investigate the properties of two MOF templates impregnated with silver nanoparticles via a high pressure chemical deposition technique. By comparing fiber templates with different air filling fractions, we have quantified the importance of an increased field-particle overlap for improved surface enhanced Raman scattering sensitivity for the next generation of optical fiber sensors.

Applied Physics Letters (2008) Vol.92(14) pp.141113

doi: 10.1063/1.2907506

Southampton ePrint id: 54018


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