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Chalcogenide glass microspheres; their production characterization and potential

Gregor R.Elliott, Daniel W.Hewak, G.Senthil Murugan, and James S.Wilkinson


Micro-resonators have attracted considerable attention as a potential geometry for photonic devices used in multiplexing, memory and switching. These all-optical-resonators allow light at certain wavelengths to build up in intensity allowing nonlinear effects to be seen for much lower input power than in a bulk material. We report here on microspheres made from gallium-lanthanum-sulphide glass. Spheres have been produced with diameters from less than 1μm up to 450μm, and we demonstrate a first measured quality factor of 8x104 at 1.55μm, for a chalcogenide sphere diameter of 100μm. We also predict an ultimate Q of up to 4x1010 at 3μm.

Optics Express (2007) Vol.15(26) pp.17542-17553

doi: 10.1364/OE.15.017542

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