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Microstructured optical fibre semiconductor metamaterials

A.Amezcua, C.E.Finlayson, P.J.A.Sazio
Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), University of Southampton, UK

H.Fang, D.J.Won, T.Scheidemantel, B.Jackson, N.Baril, V.Gopalan and J.Badding
Materials Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA


Microstructured optical fibres are single material optical fibres in which air-holes define the transverse structural profile. MOFs demonstrate a number of key properties when compared with conventional silica fibres, including broad band single mode guidance, nonlinear properties, and photonic band gap effects. The inclusion of materials such as semiconductors, metals or polymers within the microscale or nanoscale holes of MOFs presents radically novel electronic, photonic and plasmonic degrees of freedom for the exploration of new directions in metamaterials technology. This allows the design of complex optical fibre devices with exceptional tuneable properties. Furthermore, the inclusion of semiconductors to nanoscale MOFs holes will bring together fibre optics technology with the growing field of ultra small semiconductor nanowires for the generation and manipulation of light.

PREP 2005 Lancaster (2005)

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